Saturday, June 30, 2012

¡El tapeo! - A delicious way to see León

On Tuesday evening, we invited students to join us in a typical tapeo, or night of tapas, here in León. We used the curious, centrally located statue as our meeting point and we warned the students to not only come hungry, but be prepared to try something NEW. 

As local tradition has the small appetizer provided with purchase of a beverage, many students were suprised by the quantity and variety of tapas they received. Each small group made 3 to 4 stops throughout the city center, allowing students to try traditional favorites such as croquetas (croquettes filled with ham, chicken, cod or the popular choice of the students - pizza), aceitunas (typical green olives), salmorejo (similar to gazpacho, but thicker and served with jamón serrano and hard boiled egg on top) and of course, patatas, which many students found to be much more enjoyable than the American variety of "chips." To drink, many students tried mosto, a white grape juice-like beverage recommended to them by their host families.

                                 More pictures to follow and hopefully, a second tapeo as well!

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