Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunny Salamanca - Part 2

Not long after arrival in the sunny university city, students were given a little free time to take in some of the many historical sites and indulge in what has become a favorite passtime, ir de compras (shopping). As it is currently the season of the rebajas (or sales) many returned to our meeting point in the beautiful-yet-imperfect Plaza Mayor with a bag, or two.

These girls each found a special souvenir, an  imán (magnet) featuring a Euro coin and the symbol of Salamanca, a small frog that´s rumoured to bring good luck.

As the many of the stores in Salamanca close during the traditional siesta, the students were ready to embark upon their next adventure after eating lunch. Armed with maps and nearly 5 weeks of Spanish-immersion, they took to the streets in small groups with their list of questions to be answered. Covering the city by foot, they had to rely on the locals to help them in their attempts to be the first in completing the gincana (a type of treasure hunt). Shown below are our two winning teams.

And their efforts did not go unrewarded. Each of our winners was given a key chain with an emblem representative of the city, ranging from the artistic symbol of the charra, the facade of the cathedral, Plaza Mayor and of course, something from the famed university. The favorite? A small skull with the aforementioned lucky frog. Who would´ve thought? :)

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