Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunny Salamanca

On Friday, we headed with the students to the ancient city of Salamanca, home of the oldest university in Spain and once the greatest in all of Europe.
Our first stop in Salamanca was the cathedral, or should I say cathedrals, as the new was constructed alongside the old. Here´s Ron explaining a little of the cathedrals´ unique history.

The students are outside the catedral nueva, or new cathedral, which took over 200 years to complete and displays elements of many architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque and Plateresque. Below, you can see some additional shots of the cathedral including the tower, which some of our students climbed to get a better view of the city.

Be sure to ask your student about the "unique" piece that was added to the exterior of the new cathedral! :)

Construction on the catedral vieja, or old cathedral, first began in 1140. And though its interior decoration is quite different to that of its more modern counterpart, the students enjoyed being able to travel back in time, viewing the many chapels (including the one where final exams were once given to university students) and also the cloisters.

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