Sunday, August 12, 2012


As I mentioned earlier, Oviedo is known for its collection of curious statues around the city. Here, you can find everything from a matador's bust in El diestro to William B. Arransberg and (dedicated to travellers) to a Botero nude called Maternidad to a recreation of one of Velazquez's Meninas to Woody Allen. Yes, that's right, Woody Allen - who fell in love with city while filming Vicky Cristina Barcelona here. While the novelty of these creative pieces  has worn off for the locals, our students certainly enjoyed seeing - and posing with them. Do not adjust your screens, the last photo is exactly what it looks like.The work of Spanish-Basque artist Eduardo Úrculo, the Culis Monumentalibus does not go unnoticed. Measuring over 13 ft high, the piece was quite controversial when it arrived in the square in 2001.

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